Loving healthy food equals loving yourself ~Maggie (livingfoodjunkie)

Below you will find almost every recipe I have posted on the livingfoodjunkie blog. Most recipes are my own, but some are credited to others. You will also find different categories to search from; hopefully, this makes it easier for myself, readers and newcomers to find a recipe they are looking for :)

Blueberry Chia Flax Pancakes
Blueberry-Orange Granola
Coconut Breakfast Cakes (Recipe by Ani Phyo)
Breakfast Fruit Bowl
Fruit & Granola Mix
Silly Pancakes

Main/Side Dishes:
Black Bean Burgers
Cauliflower Mash
Maggie's Marinated Mushrooms
Marinated Veggies
Parsley & Chia Seed Salsa
Raw Nut Burgers & Avocado Fries
Rice Wraps with Orange Vinigrette Sauce
Sweet Potato Fries
Veggie Pot Pie with a Whole Wheat Crust
Zucchini-Pineapple Pasta

A Sunny Fiesta Salad
Hale Kale Salad (Recipe by Rod Rotondi)
Tropical Spring Salad

Boutenko's Borscht (Recipe by Victoria Boutenko)
Cream of Spinach Soup (Recipe by Jennifer Cornbleet)
Kreme of Mushroom Soup (Recipe by Rod Rotondi)

Berrylicious Icecream
Blueberry Bliss Ice Cream
Chocolate Indulgence
Donut Bits
Lemon-Lime Pie or Tarts
Maggie's Lovely Berry Crisp
Maggie's Swirly Tart

Apple-Orange-Pineapple Smoothie
Banana-Blueberry Chocolate Smoothie
Brunette Bombshell
Carrot-Apple Lemonade
Carrot Sunrise
Easy-Peasy-Pear and Apple Juice
Green Lemonade Love
Green Lemonade with a Twist
Green Morning Sunrise
Oat Milk
Sweet Sunset
Spinach-Strawberry Smoothie
Spirulina Green Juice
Strawberry Mountain
The Sunrise
Tropical Dreams

Apple Chips
My Guy's Energy Bars!
Protein Balls
Raw Chocolate Bar
Zucchini Chips

Foccacia Flat Bread
Rustic Bread