About Me

I am a young mom who was working a career that caused me to feel run down physically and mentally. A few medical problems later, I decided it was time to make a change for the better. I resigned from my position, became a stay at home mom and started incorporating a lot more fruits and veggies. I cut out all processed foods and typically eat about 80% fresh, whole living foods a day, but that doesn't mean I do not eat lovely cooked foods! Being a mother of a toddler I am always looking for fun ways to incorporate veggies, fruits and grains into my little one’s meals. I look forward to posting child-friendly meals that are easy to prep and fun children's projects revolving around gardening, veggies and taking care of the earth.
As for the benefits of eating this way, physically I have more energy, my skin has cleared up, my hair feels softer and I am rarely catching the typical cold/flu bugs. Eating a more plant based diet with an exercise plan has also helped me lose 48lbs. Mentally, I feel more focused, my moods tend to be more positive; I laugh a lot more and appreciate life's moments. There is more I want to improve and care for regardng my mind, body and spirit. Your welcome to follow my journey. Please enjoy!

1. Smoothies
2. Root veggies roasted...mmm
3. Cacao/Chocolate
4. Leafy Greens (Spinach and any Lettuces)
5. Big Salads
6. Soups
7. Corn on the Cob
8. BBQ
9. Tapioca Pudding
10. Salsa

Top 10 Favorite Things to do...

1. Playing with my lil one
2. Hiking/spending time in nature
3. Going to the beach
4. Garden projects
5. Trying out new recipes or making my own
6. Watching a favorite tv show or movie
7. Spending the day with just my guy
8. Gossiping and being silly with my sisters
9. Long conversations with my best friends
10. Harvesting fruits and veggies!