Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apples and Pears..oh my!

I mentioned last post about the great deals I found on some produce....Well it's all about apples and pears at our house after my mom found this 2.99 deal. My parents came over to our place the other day and asked how often I use apples to juice. The answer is almost every time I juice! They are so great for there sweetness, so we went out a bought at least 36lbs of apples for 2.99! The catch was that these apples are assorted and some are bruised. That cardboard box was filled to the brim and I've been separating the ones that are bruised to juice immediately.

First juice we made was....

Easy, Peasy Pear-Apple Juice

It's basically a few apples and a few pears. Juice and drink! :) You can also strain it if you like, I found that by the end of the juice it was getting a bit thick from the pear.

My guy was sweet and made a yummy apple pie. I realized that there are only so many apples to juice in day. This recipe is based from ani phyo's book, but with a little variation. You can find her recipe for apple pie here, which she uploaded on YouTube. Our variation was that we purred the apple and spices. Then stirred in raisins and a few small pieces of apple. It gave it that soft apple sauce texture with a crunch.

We still have a lot of apples and pears left over, so if you have any raw recipes to share that incorporate either of those please feel free to share :)



Lori said...

Ok, I am GOING to have to try that out- with the puree and tiny pieces. I've made Ani's (love her!) apple pie before and it was delicious... but I'm sorry, yours looks even better!
Great ideas!

What's on top of that pie?

Nathaniel said...

we placed the pie in the freezer to set at keep its shape. this made it easy to cut, then just let it sit at room temp 10-15min to get just right. ontop is a cashew cream, 2cups cashew blended with 1/4 cup water and ~1/4 cup agave.