Sunday, April 25, 2010

The weekend :)

Having a fabulous weekend! Yesterday we took ourselves to the forest and hiked for a couple hours. Our 2.5 year old went with us! He hiked for about 45 minutes (i'm so proud of him) and then he was tired.

Luckily we purchased this yesterday...

I'm all about checking children's consignment stores and we found this one for $50, hardly used. Brand new this brand and style cost around $200-250, so we were happy hikers. It goes up to about 50lbs, which will probably give us a good use out of it. We are so excited because we can take our lil guy with us on the longer hikes. What makes me so happy is he gets to experience things hasn't seen yet, like seeing his first waterfall.

On our long trek we got a bit hungry and low on energy. We refueled with this mix I made up :)

It includes Goji berries, almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, carob chips and raisins. I still can't believe what an energy boost this mix was for us. We burned through the last 45 minutes of our hike, which was a fair bit of an uphill climb.

The hike was so pretty, here are a couple more pics I wanted to share with you :) I love moss and wild mushrooms, they make for great photos!

I've been asked about what I eat when I'm not eating living foods and I thought I'd make my next post about this. After we got home yesterday I made a delicious and mostly cooked dinner, which we ate out in the evening sunshine. I took some great shots of our dinner and will share with you next time :)

Have a beautiful Sunday:)


Lori said...

Great pictures! They're all so beautiful! I love love looooove hiking. It's so nice to be completely engulfed in nature.

Maggie said...

I totally agree :) Being engulfed in nature just makes me feel relaxed and at peace :)