Monday, April 19, 2010

Our weekend

I can't believe it's Monday already! I had such a great weekend that the days just flew by. On Friday we took a day trip to a small island near us and adventured out into nature. We were surrounded by ocean, mountains, forest and beaches. About 90% of the time the only things we could hear was nature itself or people's voices from far off on the water. There was hardly any noise pollution, which to me is like white noise. Once you stop hearing it, you are totally aware that it is around you all the time. I found it so relaxing to only hear the sounds of nature for 8 hours of my day.

This is my favorite spot in the whole world at the moment. I am assuming my favorite spot will change again once I find another :) At the moment though, this is it. I want to lay here daydreaming, reading and then falling asleep :)

We also took a picnic to the beach consisting of all living foods. It was pretty easy, since raw food is the fastest food you can make if you consider just taking fruit or veggies. We did take some fruit, but I also made a big salad and some hummus. I packaged it all in these glass bowls w/lids that I received as a gift one Christmas. They worked so well :) There is salad underneath that hummus i promise! My eyes were hungry :)

I have end this post a bit short. I had planned to tell you about my great produce deals in which I am making endless amounts of juice, but another time. I am actually going into the city today with my family and hopefully we will end up at park :)

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