Thursday, March 25, 2010

Soup for lunch

It's a rainy day and I always crave something warm on a rainy day. I decided it was best to try out a raw soup recipe. I figure since summer is just around the corner, I'm not to sure how long soup cravings are going to around. I scouted some recipes and found this one by Alissa Cohen, the recipe is online so you can check it out here :)

The soup turned out creamy, with little bits of broccoli and a bit of heat from the cumin. I wasn't able to eat the whole bowl of soup as shown in the picture, it was very filling and after awhile quite rich in flavor. I added a some broccoli sprouts as a topping and ended up adding more because it gave the soup a bit of a crunch..yum!

Here are my "seed pizza crackers" I posted about yesterday without all those toppings in the way. I dipped the crackers in the soup and it made lunch all the better :)



LittleMissBaker said...

Have you ever thought about posting the recipes, people may start asking?

maggie said...

Yeah I decided I wasn't going to post the recipes that weren't my own, unless I found the author had posted the recipe online for all to see:)

LittleMissBaker said...

yah i only post recipes from my baking books and my highschool recipes. And with online recipes i just backtrack it with a link to the recipe, lots of bloggers do that i see.I think its only bad when you do nothing and take credit that its your own creation lol

maggie said...

Agreed :)