Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Mornin'

I'm sleepy this morning. I went to bed a little late and had to wake earlier than usual. I had a nice mid-day nap yesterday with my lil 2 year old boy, but in the long run it made it so difficult to fall asleep last night.

I was lying in bed this morning wondering what I should make for breakfast, and my first thought was something easy, with little clean-up. I ended up making a smoothie recipe from Ani Phyo's book, Raw Food Kitchen. I usually don't use recipes for smoothies or juices, because they are fun to create and hard to mess up. This time I thought why not, so here it is Ani's "Very Blueberry" smoothie :) It was delicious and chocked full of good things like dates, cashews, blueberries, water and vanilla bean. Well i'm feeling some energy so it's time to go for a long walk with my lil guy :)



LittleMissBaker said...

That smoothie looks soo yummy :).Yay! my favorite color!

maggie said...

It was delicious and the color made it even yummier to drink :)