Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pizza Crackers

Went for a two hour walk with my lil guy this morning. We tried to keep most of walk out of the city and mostly through the park trails. Eventually we made our way to a local store and picked out some delicious looking apples and Swiss chard. Once we were home around 12:30ish, we were so hungry! Luckily my dehydrator had finished drying my "Seed Pizza Crackers", a recipe I was trying out from Mary Rydman's book "Raw Food Quick & Easy." I wasn't quite sure how these were going to turn out because last night when I tasted the spread it didn't seem to flavorful, but as it turns out it had a really nice flavor.

Lunch today consisted of three small pieces of seed pizza cracker,
topped with Swiss chard, tomato, red pepper, cucumber and broccoli sprouts, with pineapple on the side :) I also used some of the dressing I made yesterday to top it off.

I'm also making "Pineapple Coconut Cookies" in my dehydrator. I made them last night along with the crackers. They look like they are going to ready tonight, so maybe a post later!


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