Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hiking Raw

Last post I mentioned date day, which was amazing. We had a great time catching up with each other on our hike. The hike was intense at times with the large hills we climbed, but it was worth climbing those hills to be part of the breathtaking beauty of the forest. It felt so good for me to be physically and mentally out in the wilderness. The forest is so great for rejuvenating the spirit. I was astounded that most of the people we ran into on our hike were running and talking about how fast their times were for every kilometer. Running through the forest, with their heads down, not looking or stopping to see what was around them. Kudos to all of them for being able to run this trails intense 6 kilometers, but I hope for their sake they were able to stop and enjoy the therapeutic essence around them.

Once we were at this point which was about half way through the journey, we stopped by the falls, each ate an apple, chatted and enjoyed what was around us. It was a beautiful moment. The air smelt like watermelon, and the feel of the sun was warm. I only wish I could have felt the mist from the waterfall on my face.


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