Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writing dilemas

I have been writing a blog post over the past 2 days! I am usually able to get in 5 minutes here, 5 minutes drives me a bit nutty doing it this way though. Unfortunately, the full time it takes me to write a post (an hour or so) I typically do not have in one sitting. I feel like one post takes days..wait it does! hehe :) Anyone else have this issue too? What do you do to stay focused and not frustrated?

Hopefully my post will be up today sometime, no promises though :)



Elle ( said...

I'm so with you on that one! My computer has really been acting up and it makes it even more difficult to get a post done.
I'm hoping to get a new computer very soon. That should help me. I also always try to write more than just what is on my mind, which can be much more time consuming.

LittleMissBaker said...

Haha, I've had and still have the same problem.Ive already baked 3 things that still need a couple posts to be written.However its hard to feel like your in the zone to write and feel comfortable.

I try to leave it a couple days and gather my thoughts.I try to only write when I feel likes its fun and not a hassle or something I ultimately have to do for others.

I try to only write for myself and when I feel that its fun to do. So you definitely need to be in a good mood and have time.

I try to picture what I'm going to write and what happened in that day.My mistakes, my experiences and what Ive learned from the recipe.

I try to stay away as much as possible from just saying the norm,bragging and going into a self-absorb path.
Its quite easy to fall into that and its actually a harder path to just be real and yourself. Bloggers have to show their positive, negative and the in between of their blog writing because people see whats real and whats not even in how we write it.

Maggie said...

Hi Elle!
Computer trouble + blogging = Frustration! I hope you able to get your new comp soon, so your able to blog with ease :)

Hi Dini!
Thanks for your advice :) I just have to remember to keep things in perspective, hehe :)