Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today I thought about doing a KERF inspired set of posts, meaning a post for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus details on my day. Originally when I started this blog I decided on no real format. Just to blog about whatever livingfood related topics I found of interest. Recently I've been trying to make the decision on whether or not I want my blog to be...

a. Recipe or topic driven with a bit of personal reflection. Basically my favorite livingfood recipe or topic of the week and why/discussion. Similar to what it is now.

b. Food and recipe driven, but with my daily happenings/events. More like a journaling and recap of my daily/weekly life that includes the foods I've eaten and recipes I've used/created.

The reason I've been thinking about changing it up a bit is because I notice that a lot of the blogs I enjoy reading are more towards the personal format; however, there are my go to blogs whenever I just want a great recipe quickly and easily. Ahhh decisions.

Anyways, on with breakfast...

This was the left over filling from my Lemon-Lime tarts!

1/2 cup of Lemon-Lime Tart filling (see previous post for recipe)
1 medium Banana
5 Cherries
1 tbsp of Chia Seeds
1 pinch of Lavender (harvested from my garden)
1 tsp of shredded Coconut

It was delicious! I ate it way to quickly :(

Today I am hoping to go for a hike somewhere, I have an idea about one i'd like to try but I'm going to see if my guy is up to it. Can you believe that I'm the only one awake this morning. My lil one and my guy are still sleeping's been such a relaxing morning...

See you around lunch!


bitt said...

I personally LOVE more personal blogs, but also what i eat blogs too. the recipe-only blogs only keep me interested for so long. in case you wanted feedback. :-)

Maggie (livingfoodjunkie) said...

Thanks Bitt! :) I totally appreciate the feedback! I personally love the more personal blogs too, it keeps me returning wanting to know how they are doing, etc...