Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gardening Days Part 1: Yard

Welcome to my yard and garden! First up is a tour of my yard, which has a mostly perennials and a few annuals planted here and there.
I bought this little ladybug for a $2 a few years back and she is one of my favorite little treasures in my yard.

She sits near the beautiful ivy I planted last year. This spring it's really taken to it's location and has grown triple in size.

Here are a few of my annuals that my son and I picked out this year. We both loved the mix of colors. We planted a lot of them in a very large tea cup planter.

I also have bicycle planters that had annuals, but I neglected them, oops! I think the planter still looks great with nothing planted in it.

Here is just one of my 7 lavender plants. I love this variety, it dries really well without all the buds falling off. This picture really does no justice in showing how huge this plant is.

I also have some very slow growing boxwood plants around the border of our yard. This plant is about 2-3 years old now. I figure in 10 years I should have a nice hedge.

I have my gnomes and garden faeries that patrol the premises. This is my favorite gnome, he is exactly what I picture a garden gnome to look like!

Honey bees are already hard a work, which is great news for a garden!

My zebra grass which is full of wonderful strips and personality.

And finally my tulip bulbs, which come originally from my grandpa who gave many to my mom before he passed away. We planted these out already and I can't wait to see them popping up in the yard next spring!


candice said...

awww, i want a garden gnome!

Maggie said...

I try to find them at thrift stores, although I usually have better luck at garage sales! Then we spruce them up with some paint :D I don't have too many but i'm working on it! hehe :D